BCS MES Flex Tip 002

Another challenge facing My Eclipse For Spring users is securing an appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Prior to My Eclipse For Spring I used a shared hosting account with GoDaddy (Java was enabled). The first time I deployed a My Eclipse For Spring application deployment failed.
GoDaddy has quite a few needless hooks in their systems. These hooks are part of a marketing ploy designed to get their users to pay more to get the functionality GoDaddy promised initially.
This cheap bait and switch tactic is the very reason why I no longer use GoDaddy as my ISP. There are several more reputable ISP’s available to developers wishing to use My Eclipse For Spring. GoDaddy doesn’t support Spring. I feel like its none of the ISP’s business how I write and deploy software I write. GoDaddy is big but so was Goliath.
If you need suggestions for a new ISP drop me a line and if necessary we can create a post dedicated to My Eclipse For Spring friendly ISP’s.

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