IT Paradigm Technology Shift

Make no mistake about my premise. I love Delphi couldn’t have used it for decades if I did not love it (I started with single digit Turbo Pascal series).
With Agile tools I go from zero to production with six tables and scaffolds with unit tests (three for authentication and three for problem solving) many to one, many to many relationships and Jasper Reports. Jasper supports all major report formats like PDF. Time to production fifteen minutes with zero errors and zero defects. I coded less than one hundred lines of code to accomplish this. Simple changes updating production are accomplished by modifying the model and creating a new delivery package. Ftp to server then get a fresh cup of coffee!
This arena is Delphi, Visual Studio, Flex, PhP, COBOL, FORTRAN and every other software development platforms gold standard. If the results are not absolutely correct the selected programming language for coding means nothing.
The cost for the upgrade to the Enterprise Edition $0.00. The price for the Compete Enterprise Edition $0.00.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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