COBOL Expertise

While serving as Scientific Engineering Programmer for Black & Veatch Consulting Engineers a COBOL system was authored that reported computer utilization charges by project for all projects corporate wide. At that time sub programs were not in vogue but I introduced sub programming modules that yielded more efficient application programs.
While serving at Trans World Airlines as Technical Programmer COBOL was used to schedules all domestic flights flown by TWA for a month in advance. The computerized Flight Planning System was written mainly in COBOL. Based on performance improvements with the domestic crew scheduling my superiors authorized me to write a similar version for international flight crew scheduling.
While serving as a Computer Specialist for the Department of Defense I was selected as the Project Officer for the COBOL compiler validation program for the DOD. The Department of Navy was the Central Systems Design Activity for COBOL in the DOD and the were recipients of all performance data and validation test criteria. In this exercise every facet of COBOL was tested and reported in stringent specifications with zero error tolerance.
While at the DOD I also served as the resident expert for VSAM and performance measurement and capacity planning for COBOL applications. COBOL report writer was used for many managerial reports used for agency funding and cost benefit analysis of future projects.
COBOL received another shot in the arm as it was adapted to Object Oriented Design and Development in the nineties.

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