BCS FTP Server For Ubuntu

There are those occasions when the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is desirable. The Webmin web administration GUI does an excellent job of allowing FTP in two areas of the GUI.
I did not notice a facility which allows an entire directory to be uploaded with a single command.
FileZilla has an excellent interface for this level of support.
The basic installation of Ubuntu does not allow for FTP unless you use a package Pro FTP.
To install the FTP Pro issue the following command as listed below.
sudo aptitude install proftpd
The Pro FTP does not allow root access to the account. If you do not have another account use Webmin GUI to configure PRO FTP to create a new FTP user.
Once the user has been created the FileZilla interface can be used at port 21.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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