I Am Not Impressed With Ruby On Rails

To install and use Ruby and Rails entails the most convoluted process known to information management. Like most pseudo technicians the setup for Ruby and Rails requires that you cleave the command line and that is a crock!
You set up Ruby and all its weird versioning then you setup Rails and that is more crap. At this point you are still not ready to rock. Now you have to set up the developer’s kit. That developer’s kit installation is clear as mud and for the most part undocumented.
It is a good thing I have Grails installed and have reliable development environment ready to hit the ground and be productive until I can figure out all this Rails convoluted mess!
Unlike Rails once I have Grails installed there are no other add on to install. One install and you are ready to rock! That install is accomplished with the windows installer and there is no command line foolishness.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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