BCS Solutions For Monolithic COBOL Applications

One recurring problem with COBOL source code is the monolithic model. The monolithic model (the huge COBOL program) is difficult to debug and maintain. COBOL subprograms allow complex applications modularity and structure.
If you attempt to devour a porterhouse whole mastication and digestion becomes a problem. On the other hand if you use the steak knife and carve the porterhouse in bite size pieces mastication and digestion is easily achieved.
This analogy holds true for large monolithic COBOL programs. Your COBOL application can be very complex and very manageable with the minimum amount of forethought and planning.
The quickest way to yield positive results is to employ COBOL sub programs. The main or driver programs should consist primarily a list of calls to the available sub programs.
This approach also promotes modular testing of all associated component of the designed COBOL application.
Further information on COBOL sub programming may be found here.
This techique is further leveraged by incorporating it into COBOL Source Code Generation.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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