BCS Dissamble DMF/ISPF Tasks For Mainframe TSO

Many IBM mainframe installations use the Dialog Management Facility (DMF) of Interactive Structured Programming Facility (ISPF) to automated perfunctory mainframe tasks. To identify what is being used there are ways to bend the mainframes fingers so to speak to make it divulge the name and location of all these extensions.
A good place to start is at the Time Sharing Option (TSO) command prompt. While the following instructions will work while using option 6 of ISPF it is recommend that these commands be executed outside ISPF. Log out of ISPF and continue to the command prompt where you will issue the command “listalc ddnames” minus quotes and press enter.
You will find data set names listed along with the ddnames of the associated file allocation. Traverse the listing to the ddname ISPFPLIB all the data sets between the ISPFPLIB ddname and the preceding ddname comprise all the data set names in the concatenation.
To produce hard copy of associated data set names use ISPF print pds facilities. Typically what I do is capture the printed output via the snap data facility of Interactive Output Facility (IOF) to physical sequential files Those files are then downloaded to the PC where they are stored and subsequently used as input to a multiple document interface (MDI) where the information can be perused and utilized in an intelligent desktop application.
Of course load libraries do not have printable output so to speak. For all load libraries the list of members will suffice as the printed output for all associated partitioned data set.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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