BCS MySQL Administration In The Cloud

There are those times when the MySQL server needs maintenance. There are several avenues of approach on how to accomplish this feat.
One solution is remote access of the server via the MySQL workbench. Setup for the workbench is a non-trivial task but it is possible with a certain amount of persistence.
Another solution is to install PhpMyAdmin on server and access the MySQL admin desktop via a web page.
Both of these solutions are available because I am running Ubuntu 11.4 on a cloud and full administrative access to the server. Other environments may restrict or not allow this level of control.
Of the two solutions I prefer the PhpMyAdmin installation. With this solution you cannot use the data modeling capability of the MySQL workbench. Is there really a need to model in the production environment? I perform all modeling locally then export my results to the production environment.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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