BCS Flash Builder 4.5 Tutorial Offline

The Flash Builder 4.5 seem to be an awesome tool. Getting around the tutorials for FB 4.5 leaves quite a bit of room for improvement.
If you happen to be bandwidth challenged (slow internet connection) the current configuration is a constant source of frustration.
I have captured all the videos and tutorials http://archbrooks.com/fbtut/fbtut.zip . The videos were converted to mp4 and the tutorial pages were converted to pdf format.
The project in nearly 835 megabytes but due to good compression I have made it fit in approximately 5.5 megabytes. The download takes about twenty minutes. Please feel free to let me know of your results at arch@archbrooks.com.
To download the tutorial via FTP ftp to account archbrooks.com. The username is x3utils and the password is “fbTutorial2!” (minus double quotes). Once logged in begin the transfer to save the the tutorial to your local hard disk.
The next task was to write an interface that makes it easy to launch either a PDF or video.
Click on the image to gain a clearer view of the screen shot.
I used Delphi XE 3 to develop this media launcher.
Traverse the options box using the scroll thumb on the right and then left click on the video (.mp4) or the tutorial (.pdf) and magically the selected media begins to play.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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