BCS Delphi XE3 PHP Source Code Generator

To make JQuery Easy UI work in the PHP environment you will need at minimum five PHP files and one HTML file.
After carefully examining the process it was determined that metadata plays a major role in making the UI function properly. Once Active Data Objects (ADO) were reverse engineered all the required metadata was made readily available.
The next problem was to understand and reverse engineer the functionality of the associated PHP files. Once that was accomplished a Delphi XE3 application was written that provides a GUI for ease of operation.
With the GUI a list of available DSN are generated (in ascending alphabetical order) for your selection. Once a DSN is selected all the required metadata is captured and passed into the code generation tool. The GUI also asks for a target location for the generated code.
Within a matter of seconds’ six PHP scripts and a HTML file is generated with zero errors and zero defects (no testing is required).
Point your browser to the location where the code was deposited and start using the newly generated code.
To begin the process the following dialog appears.
The next dialog to appear is as follows.
Click on the Get Data Element Names button and the following will appear.
Finally the code generator would like to know where you would like to place the generated code.
After the path is selected traverse to the designated location and view the generated code.
Below you see the generated code in action.
This tool saves the technician countless hours of coding and testing PHP and HTML by automatically generating the required code.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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