BCS XE3 Get Date And Time Component

When the user need to suppply values for a date and time the BCSGetDateTime component provides the framework to communicate the date and time parameters.
The component documentation can be locatedĀ here. The component source code can be foundĀ here.
When the user click on the drop down control for the date a calendar appears and the user can select the date graphically of key in the appropriate month day and year.
Conversely when the user would like to specify a time simply click on the hour, minute or second parameter and use the spin control or simply key the values in. There also exists a Make Time Midnight control that make the time to midnight of the current date.
When the user has the desired date and time simply click the Ok control. Conversely the user may also click on the Cancel control to discard all input.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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