BCS Delphi XE3 Source Code Generator

We now have a Delphi source code generator for the XE3 version of Delphi. This version of the XE3 source code generator is set up to produce a VCL application.
The BCS XE3 Delphi Code Generator generates three Delphi source code projects. The famidml.dproj is a standalone project made available for developing additional functionality at the modal dialog level. Project famidpk.dproj is a project that will install the component on the default component palate “AB Comps” (minus double quotes). The famidcmpml.dproj project test the newly installed component.
These projects are generated based on a family id (famid) and an output target directory. The code generator ensures no code with the same output path plus the family id as its low level qualifier exists. This approach makes it impossible to overlay existing components.
How this code generator work is dependent on a file naming scheme consisting of a family id and other file naming component suffixes.
The source code skeletons are the life blood of the code generator. To create a new skeleton copy the existing skeleton to a new sub directory and add the functionality desired. I now have skeletons for ADO data table support, master detail scenarios via ADO, and support for FastReport.
A component to support generation of ADO data tables is required and can be found here.
The source code for this project is available here.
Component documentation for all components including code skeletons can be viewed here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

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