BCS Setup VPN Ubuntu 14.04 Server

A VPN may be desirable for you Ubuntu 14.04 server.  How to set up the servers may be found at the Ubuntu web site by clicking here.
Newer instructions are found at the Ubuntu 12.04 Server guide — OpenVPN (The link in the Ubuntu 14.04 server documentation is incorrect so please use this link) .
Here is a blog post by Grant Curell that I found to be helpful.  Grant’s example is for a routed VPN.
Gibson Research Corporation has published some information that identifies various types of networks.
We need to understand more about domain name servers (DNS) as configured on Ubuntu 14.04.  Remember we are using Webmin for management of our Ubuntu 14.04 headless server so we need to understand the Berkley Internet Name Domain (BIND) module click here to review the documentation.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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