BCS Delphi XE8 Source Code Cross Reference

There are those times when it would be helpful to view a sorted cross reference listing of a Delphi source code program  The BCS Source Code Cross Reference application does just that.
How does this application accomplish this?

  • Reverse engineers the source code.
  • Number each line of source code.
  • Identifies all variables.
  • Sort all variables and object components.
  • Cross reference in ascending alphabetical order by variable.

Below is an example of the sorted cross reference output.
There is a companion multi document interface (MDI) application that load the source and the cross reference.  When you click on a number in the cross reference the application automatically positions you to the proper position in the source code.   This level of technology allow the end user to point and click their way through source code listings.
The documentation for the component can be viewed here.
The source code for this component can be viewed here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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