BCS Delphi XE8 Source Code Geneator

There will be a new Delphi XE8 Source Code Generator.  Thank you for over 2,000 downloads of the last code generator I published for Delphi.  The new code generator has been updated to the new Delphi XE8 Delphi Code specification.
The code generator has been updated to utilize all Delphi styles available.
Click on a style listed in the list box then click on the View Style menu item to see the style in action.
When you find the style you like double click it select and apply style.
Please feel free to join us at Delphi Innovators we would be honored to have you as our member.
The component documentation may be reviewed by clicking here.
You will be able to access the source code here.
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2015-07-28 – Position Alias List Box To Selected Ailias
2015-07-28 – Display Unique Alias
2015-07-28 – Modify MD Skeleton
2015-08-05 – Three new skeletons which support styles.
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