BCS Delphi XE8 Exp Imp MySql Databases

There are those times when you will need to backup and restore your MySQL databases.  This utility creates two batch files to accomplish that assigned task.
The user must let the application know where the mysqldump.exe program resides at their installation.  Afterwards a destination location for the output is selected.
Those two batch files are dynamically created considering every database currently active on localhost or the designated MySQL server.
The  default of this utility is to dump the structure and the data.  If you double click on the table in the list only the structure is copied as backup.
Once the batch files are invoked the exported database will appear in the designated directory.
The 32 bit executable can be downloaded by clicking here.
The 64 bit executable can be downloaded by clicking here.
The component documentation can be viewed by clicking here.
The source code for the application can be downloaded by clicking here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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