BCS Delphi Cookbook Examples Repository

This application allows the programer to stay organized when working with the examples for the Delphi Cookbook.
The first task is to identify where the project code resides.
When the user double clicks on the project the compiler is invoked. From there the technician can create the associated executable.
When the user clicks on any other field the program is executed.
This application uses MySQL for the back end so create a MySQL database and call it “delr” (minus quotes).  Our acronym identifies the Delphi Repository.
The first table “ch” is populated and identifies all the chapters.  The second table “rec” is also populated that identifies all the recipes.   The third table (not populated) contains the actual details of the recipes.
When the user inserts a new entry for the project by clicking the “+” in the Project Navigator the following dialog appears.
Simply traverse to the location where the recipes reside and select the associated .dproj file.  the application creates and populates the executable file specifications.
When you click on the desired chapter the application dynamically places you in the details of the lesson.  When you click on a lesson the application dynamically places you in the lesson’s project(s).
A 32 bit executable program may be downloaded by clicking here.
The component documentation can be found by clicking here.
The source code may be found by clicking here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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