BCS c++ Builder XE8 Source Code Generator

The new BCS c++ Builder Source Code Generator is available to the public.
Fill in the Family ID and click the OK button.  You will then be prompted for the target location of the source code. Select the generation option (No Data, Single Table or Master Detail) and the associated code is generated.  When the dialog closes you will have a complete c++ project at the location you selected.
Precautions are take so there is no way possible to write over existing projects.
Of course all the available themes and styles are available and ready for use.
To use the data support features select option “Single Table” or “Master Detail” and the first screen to appear is depicted below.
The screen above lists all unique alias entries.  This approach speeds up the location of the desired alias.
The next screen appears and you are positioned to the first item for the selected alias.
Simply double click on the desired ails and the source code generation process continues.
By using one dialog and two screens the end user can generate source code that supports no data, a single data table or a master detail table scenario.
When the master detail scenario is selected the process is the same but then the master detail data selection dialog appears as depicted below.
When you click on the table for the master or detail table the data elements populate the lower list boxes.  You must then select the master key element on the left and the detail key element on the right.
The application prompts you when information is not complete until the information is supplied that will successfully generate the master detail scenario.
The source code may be found by clicking here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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