BCS Best Web Browser Avant

I have used the internet (world wide web) since the early eighties (and before).  I have also used the ARPANET.  The best browser I have ever used is the Avant web browser.
The Avant web browser is written in Object Pascal using the Delphi IDE.  Avant is a beast for surfing the web and it does not lock up which is more than I can say for Firefox, and Chrome.
Microsoft Edge is a complete joke for surfing the web.  Edge may be usable as soon as Microsoft (Microlimp) completes it.
Avant allows the end-user to select a specific rendering engine to handle web requests.  The possible rendering choices are IE Compatible, IE 11 Standards, Firefox and Chrome.
Avant is feature rich and has many desirable web surfing capabilities out of the box.
My search for a rock solid browser is over.  I know the development platform is rock solid.  I have authored over 120 Delphi articles since 2005 and before (approximately 11 years).
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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