BCS Training

amb01Several training options are available within Brooks Computing Systems.  We offer in house training for many disciplines as well as on site training for your existing employees.
Please let us know of any future training requirements for your organization.  We many already have the training curriculum you desire.
Training is comprehensive from IBM mainframes thru beginning programming and web page design.
A plethora of digital technical instructions are available on the Arch Brooks YouTube channel (since April, 2008) as well as The BCS Technology Blog Portal.  These digital videos show step by step instructions on the practical application of numerous technology disciplines.
The mouse motions, keystrokes and every action on he screen is captured while the solution is simultaneously voice narrated.  These digital moves are considered the be the gold standard for computer based instruction on various technologies   These videos are useful for any computer based activity.  Written end user manuals are available for processes that do not require interaction with the computer.  New videos are continually being produced and uploaded.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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