BCS Master Detail Info

To supply the necessary information to an application employing the master detail scenario many considerations need to be addressed and passed forward for subsequent processing.
Since the MySQL relational database management system (DBMS) can be extensive our fist task to establish a starting point within MySQL.
If you do not require the front end simply complete entries for the “dbi” parameters and invoke the frm006c.frmShowModal.  Your master detail application will be available for data entry.
When the user selects the desired item by double clicking the desired item the next dialog appears positioned to that location.
Notice the dialog handles requirements for the master and detail table.  When the user selects the OK button the process continues.
Select the OK button to remove the dialog then click the control to select the master.  Notice when the master table i selected the members are automatically populated .
If we click on the OK control now the following dialog appears.
Click the OK control here to clear the dialog and select the detail table.  Notice the data elements automatically populate the data elements control.
When we continue by clicking on the OK control the following dialog appears>
Click the OK control to remove this message and select the desired key for the master.
We are now read to continue so click the OK control once more.  Notice the following dialog appears.
Click the OK control to clear the dialog and select the desired detail key.  The following dialog will appear.
The remaining task is to identify which data elements to use for the index for the master and then the detail scenario.
Our final destination is of course the master detail scenario which is depicted below.  Notice zero lines of code are required and zero dfm files are used.
The next view shows the data entry panel for the master table.
The next view reveals the detail grid.
The next view shows the detail data entry panel.
This of course is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities of having the computer generate source code or finished application without requiring a single line of code.  Did I mention there are no dfm files in this application.
A 32 bit executable program may be downloaded by clicking here.
A 64 bit executable program may be downloaded by clicking here.
The component documentation can be found by clicking here.
The source code may be found by clicking here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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