BCS Surf And Develop Like A Boss

BCS Programmer’s Workbench.
When surfing the web and developing software a workbench developed by BCS supports categories and subsequent members of the specified category.
Also a web browser is embedded into the same workbench. When I populate the browser’s URL and tap enter (or click on the URL) the browser navigates to that page. A button on the browser allows me to capture the current URL and its title to create a member of the selected category.
The categories and its members are sorted in ascending alphabetical sequence. There are also navigational features both categories and category details. Category members may contain any executable application or associated file type such as the PDF or word document.
This combination of features allows me to be one or two click away from any web page, software development environment or any other available end user application .
A 32 bit executable program may be downloaded by clicking here.
A 64 bit executable program may be downloaded by clicking here.
The component documentation can be found by clicking here.
The source code may be found by clicking here.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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