BCS Begin Programming Computers

There are many approaches to begin programming a computer language. I recommend c++ as a beginner’s language. While many will disagree with my position I have found that much of the hype about c++ being too difficult to learn initially is a misnomer.
In my humble opinion Ubuntu or a Linux distribution is best suited for software development unless you develop only for Microsoft windows platform. In the case of the latter Windows 10 or some lesser derivative would be the operating platform.
Many of the tools used for software development are easily configured in a Linux distribution.  The audience for developing employing the Linux platform is considerably larger than Microsoft suite developers.
While there are many Integrated Development Environments (IDE) I recommend Eclipse.  There is a learning curve with Eclipse but there will be a learning curve with any IDE if this would be your primary voyage in developing computer software.
You will have to install a Java Development Kit (JDK) before you would be able to successfully use the Eclipse IDE.  That is a requirement of Eclipse.
I would use the GCC compiler for program development.  Follow one of the many Hello World examples for c++ and observe that it functions properly.
There are many books available for programming c++.  I would recommend c++ For Dummies as an beginning point for new developers.  I recommend having a PDF version of the book available.  This approach makes following along with the examples much easier.
Be sure and follow the examples and exercises.  Diligence is the factor that will guarantee success in completing your goal.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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