BCS Mint And Java FX

The OpenJDK series is not suitable for development of JavaFX applications. The OpenJDK does not possess the run time environment required for JavaFX. To alleviate this problem you must first remove OpenJDK and install the JDK provided by Oracle.
Here is an example of how to install the Oracle JDK in Mint.
Typically you will have opened Eclipse in an effort to develop applications and the Eclipse ini file is pointing to the OpenJDK as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). To correct this problem edit the Eclipse.ini file listed below.
[codesyntax lang=”ini”]


Make sure the “/opt/java/jdk1.8.0_131/jre/bin” the first line after the -vm switch identifies the correct location of the desired JVM.
You should be able to develop JavaFX applications with this configuration under Linux Mint.
Mr. Arch Brooks, CEO / Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC.  authored this article.

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