BCS Eclipse Oxygen c++ Compiler Installation

The first task is to install the Eclipse Installer. Click here to download the 64 bit Eclipse Installer for Ubuntu. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip to the primary Eclipse sub folder in your workstation.
When occasionally there are updates for the installer. There will be an orange blot on the hamburger for the Eclipse Installer. Be sure and keep the installer up to date.

Traverse the installer until the Eclipse Platform option appears and click on it.

Click on the Eclipse Platform to install Eclipse.

Now the c++ Oxygen Eclipse compiler is installed. Click on the Launch option after install.

Click on the Help Option Followed by the Install New Software Option to arrive at the next screen.

Select All Available Sites and key in marketplace in the available search box. When the list box is populated select the Eclipse Marketplace item and click Next. Click Next again and Accept Terms and License Agreement. Next click on the Finish Option.

After the Marketplace software is intalled Eclipse will need to restart select the Yes option.

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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