BCS Programmer's Tools

The BCS Programmer’s Tools is a master detail workbench that allows for the storage of favorite links, PDF’s and executable programs.

Popup menu’s on both tabs reveals the possible options for utilization.
To add a web link to the system place the desired link on the clipboard.  Select the New Link option and the application fetches the URL and web page title and populated the appropriate fields.  Then you will be prompted for an optional detailed description.  The link is inserted in the database and the links tab is refreshed to reflect the newly added link.
The application is written in c++ with the wxWidgets as the GUI and a MySQL database back end .  Unlike browser bookmarks facilities this application accommodates PDF’s and executables.
When the programmer double clicks the desired category the links list box is populated.  Simply double click on the description in the links box to invoke its associated function.

To include and executable the application prompts the user to select a file specification.  Then the name of the link and a detailed description is supplied by the user.  When the end user double clicks on that entry the program begins execution.  If the use chooses the Execute option from the popup menu the program begins execution.
Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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