BCS Application Development

When developing computer software a mechanism needs to be available to trace / document applications.

The above dialog allows for documenting of applications under development.  The contents of the dialog are stored in a MySQL database.

Typically the release executable is the target for this application but it also handles any debug application within the system.

The application also reverse engineers the executable file specification into a CodeBlocks project and invoke the CodeBlocks compiler for subsequent development.

The following pop up menu shows available options.

In this instance, the compile option would be selected.

To make a new entry key the desired information into the short and detailed description.  Erase the file specification’s field entirely can click the Create button.  The following dialog will appear.

Click the Open button to select the desired executable.  This will populate the file specification field.  Click the Create button once more to create the new application entry.

To search the available application by phrase or keyword click the Search Items option.

Type the phrase or keyword in the above dialog and click the OK button.  Notice the dialog reflects only items that contain the keywords.

Double click on the desired Available Application to refresh the dialog and prepare for subsequent operations.

This tool is handy for documenting, executing and compiling development projects in an intuitive comprehensive manner.

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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