Node Package Manager Introduction

The npm is the world’s largest software registry. Open-source developers from every continent use npm to share and borrow packages and many organizations use npm to manage private development as well.

Now you have a basic familiarity with npm it is time to accelerate the learning experience hands-on.  The best way to learn a new tool is to use it.

There’s also a text tutorial that covers the material in the video.  Written Tutorial Covering The Video

gulp is an open-source JavaScript toolkit created by Eric Schoffstall[4] used as a streaming build system (similar to a more package-focussed Make) in front-end web development.

It is a task runner built on Node.js and npm, used for automation of time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in web development like minification, concatenation, cache busting, unit testinglinting, optimization, etc.[5]

gulp uses a code-over-configuration approach to define its tasks and relies on its small, single-purpose plugins to carry them out. The gulp ecosystem includes more than 3500 such plugins

Usage of this tutorial has allowed me to complete front end web frameworks in record time.

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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