Base Dev Layer

By installing this base layer of software many technical solutions can be handled successfully.

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]

rm *.txt
/opt/anaconda/bin/conda list anaconda > ~/anaconda.txt
/home/archman/apps/wxFormBuilder/_install/bin/wxformbuilder  --version > ~/wxFb.txt
/opt/anaconda/bin/conda  --version > ~/conda.txt
cpp --version > cpp.txt
/home/archman/.dotnet/dotnet --version > ~/.NET.txt
mono -V > ~/mono.txt
codeblocks --version > ~/code::blocks.txt
code --version > ~/code.txt
git --version > ~/git.txt
npn --version > ~/npm.txt
npm gulp --version > ~/npm.txt
mariadb --version > ~/maria.txt
wx-config --version > ~/wxwid.txt
/usr/lib/ghostery/Ghostery --version > ~/ghost.txt
konqueror --version > ~/konqueror.txt
/usr/bin/microsoft-edge-stable --version ~/edge.txt
imp --version > ~/gimp.txt
blender --version > ~/blender.txt
kdenlive --version > ~/kdenlive.txt
python --version > ~/python.txt
cobc --version > ~/cobol.txt
kdenlive --version > ~/kdenlive.txt
obs  --version > ~/obs.txt
grails --version > ~/grails.txt
meson --version > ~/meson.txt
ninja --version > ~/ninja.txt
groovy --version ~/groovy.txt
python --version > ~/python.txt
yay --version > ~/yay.txt
kodi --version > ~/kodi.txt
gtk-launch --version > ~/gtk.txt
rstudio-bin --version > ~/rstudio.txt
R --version > ~/r.txt


Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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