Upgrade Spyder via Anaconda Navigator

What is Anaconda? The simplest way to upgrade or downgrade Spyder is to use the Anaconda Navigator. Invoke the following command to install Anaconda in the Archlinux environment. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] yay -S anaconda [/codesyntax] To install yay in Archlinux follow the instructions in this post. Use the following command to invoke the navigator. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] […]

BCS Advantages, Using Anaconda Stack

A primary advantage to using the Anaconda stack for developing Python application is the ease in which the entire stack may be updated. When successfully installed the following script may be used to update the entire stack. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] conda update conda conda update python conda update spyder [/codesyntax] For windows these command may be […]

BCS Install Anaconda on Ubuntu

Anaconda is the preferred approach for Python development on the Linux platform. To install Anaconda visit the web site and download the latest version. Click here for the Linux download. The resulting shell script is lengthy and upon download completion the script must be marked as an executable file. Execution of the script is the […]

BCS Linux Mint Installation

Linux Mint is the operating system for choice for software development platform. Primary IDE include Eclipse for JavaFX, PhP and c++.¬† Anaconda along with Spyder is available for Python development. Wt (pronounced witty) is available for web application development. A Grails stack is also available for additional Java application development. LAMP is also operational. This […]

BCS Anaconda Updates

To keep your Anaconda (python) up to date use these commands. ¬†Answer Yes and All to any prompts and let the system provide the update. [codesyntax lang=”dos”] conda update –all [/codesyntax] To remove tars and packages no longer used by the installation issue the command below. [codesyntax lang=”dos”] conda clean –tarballs –packages [/codesyntax] Answer Yes […]