PSI Stop Scoring and GUI

In order to stop the PSI application, each PSI task must be killed.  To determine which tasks are active the following command should be issued. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] ps aux | grep gunicorn [/codesyntax] The application dynamically generate and issues this command. The results of that command are listed below. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] ec2-user 10460 0.0 0.8 […]

BCS Java Expertise

At minimum the Spring Framework, a development platform that uses interface-driven development, dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming and a number of helper APIs and services, significantly reduces the complexity of your Enterprise Java code should be employed. Many application features may be added using this technology. Grails is the preferred method of application development. Grails also […]

BCS Software Development Methodologies

Some companies appear to be fearful of documentation and software development methodologies. For a more comprehensive definition of the subject matter please check the link below. Of course there are other methodologies that are available that were developed by private industry and government. As time permits a healthy discussion of the idiosyncrasies of each […]

Embarcadero Rad Studio Capabilities

The Embarcadero Rad Studio XE is one of the most powerful and most flexible development environments available. The suite masters many information management technologies and preferred disciplines. The web capability in Rad Studio offers a plethora of technical possibilities and solutions that would make any software vendor envious. Of course Delphi Prism offers the familiarity […]

BCS Install Grails On Ubuntu

There are those time when you need to have Grails installed on the Ubuntu server.  I have developed a technique that will fully install grails in four commands. First the apt add repository command processor must be installed and in place.  The command below will accomplish this. sudo apptitude instal python-software-properties Now the command processor […]

BCS Install Tomcat Server On Ubuntu

Before Tomcat is installed the Java Development Kit must be installed. To install JDK issue the following command. sudo aptitude install openjdk-6-jdk In this example I have a /abi sub directory and issue the change directory command to make it the working sub directory. Now place Apache Tomcat on the server. wget Extract the […]