Archlinux Set Java

To set Java execute the following command. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo archlinux-java set java-20-jdk [/codesyntax] Configurations may offer several options for java.  To show offerings execute the following command. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] yay -sS java | grep jre > jrex.txt [/codesyntax] [codesyntax lang=”bash”] aur/liberica-jre-full 11-1 (+0 0.00) (Orphaned) (Out-of-date: 2022-05-30) aur/liberica-jre-11-bin 11.0.15+10-1 (+0 0.00) (Orphaned) aur/liberica-jre-8-full-bin 8u362+9-1 […]

Strategy For Java Development

When programming Java you are religated to POJO’s (plain old java objects) unless you are using a domain specific language. Grails has been in existence since 2005  in addition to Java code generation frameworks are in place that allow for seamless intergration of  . Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this […]

BCS SDK Manager Install

The Software Development Kit Manager SDKMAN! is a tool for managing parallel versions of multiple Software Development Kits on most Unix based systems. It provides a convenient Command Line Interface (CLI) and API for installing, switching, removing and listing Candidates. Formerly known as GVM the Groovy enVironment Manager, it was inspired by the very useful […]

BCS Install Tomcat 9 Mint

The web application for Java and Grails is the Apache Tomcat Server 9. Step 1. Verify Java /opt/tomcat9/webapps/host-manager/META-INF Step 2. Get the server. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] cd /opt sudo wget [/codesyntax] Below observe the result of the wget command. Next we must unzip Tomcat 9 and move the extracted sub directory to its permanent location. […]

BCS Java Date Difference

There are may solution to Java challenges. Today our challenge surrounds calculating elapsed years, months, days, hours, minuets and seconds between two dates. The primary workhorse for this task is JodaTime utility. Click on the Releases option and the Downloads sub option to download jars and utilities. Simply add the downloaded jar to tour Java […]

BCS Install Oracle JDK On Linux Mint

OpenJDK does not support JavaFX while Oracle JDK does contain support for FX.  Installation of Oracle JDK on Mint is required. To proceed with installation of Oracle JDK issue the following command. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get update && apt-get remove openjdk* [/codesyntax] Traverse to the location where JDK is stored. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] cd ~/Downloads [/codesyntax] […]

BCS How To Launch A Java Archive (No Bat File)

To enable the launching of a java archive (jar) file traverse to the executable java archive’s location using windows explorer.  Right click on the jar file then select the Send To Desktop option. Once the shortcut is created rename it to a name of your liking.  At this point you may also change its icon […]