Node Package Manager Introduction

The npm is the world’s largest software registry. Open-source developers from every continent use npm to share and borrow packages and many organizations use npm to manage private development as well. Now you have a basic familiarity with npm it is time to accelerate the learning experience hands-on.  The best way to learn a […]

BCS NPM And Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of a free front end framework for designing websites and web applications.  It is primarily concerned with the front end web development only.  There are numerous implementations of methodologies of managing bootstrap.  The standard for Brooks Computing Systems, LLC is to use the node package manager.  Click here to […]

BCS Eclipse Luna SDK 4.4

The new Eclipse SDK Luna became available earlier last month and of course I procured a 64 bit copy and began tailoring it for production use. Python 3.x is enabled flawlessly for utilization of all Python applications. Groovy and Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.4.0, Grails 2.3.6, Groovy 2.1.9, JVM 1.7.0_11 mixed mode, jquery 1.11.0, groovy […]

BCS Delphi XE3 PHP Source Code Generator

To make JQuery Easy UI work in the PHP environment you will need at minimum five PHP files and one HTML file. After carefully examining the process it was determined that metadata plays a major role in making the UI function properly. Once Active Data Objects (ADO) were reverse engineered all the required metadata was […]

BCS Javascript Format Phone Number

There are those times when formatting data as it appears on a form is required for ease of reading and ease of use. This example show how to format a telephone number. First we will look at the script itself. [codesyntax lang=”javascript”] <script type=”text/javascript”> <!– function textBoxOnBlur(elementRef) { //5754578787, it should be 575-457-8787 var elementValue […]