Automation for Linux

A major consideration when using a Linux distribution is the lack of a GUI for many of the system administration tasks.  Programmers are pretty much relegated to the command line without some fairly sophisticated tools. A c++ program issues sudo command to execute shell commands while routing the output to a text file and subsequently […]

BCS Create Debian Package From Source Code

When you need to create a Debian package from source code these steps may be of assistance. The first step would be to ensure the checkinstall package in on your machine by issuing the following command. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install checkinstall [/codesyntax] In some cases you are required to invoke a configure script by […]

BCS c++ Console Menu System

This c++ application displays a menu, accepts selected option and executes the associated executable or script. The source code in included below. [codesyntax lang=”cpp”] //============================================================================ // Name : op1.cpp // Author : Mr. Arch Brooks // Version : // Copyright : Your copyright notice // Description : Hello World in C++, Ansi-style //============================================================================ #include <iostream> […]

BCS wxWidgets Package Build And Install

Of all available c++ GUI’s wxWidgets is the standard for Brooks Computing Systems GUI’s. The provided packages were incompatible with the level of c++ I currently use so all the libraries in question had to be recompiled.  Below is a list of the possible configuration options. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] `configure’ configures wxWidgets 3.0.4 to adapt to […]

BCS Install LAMP Stack on Mint Ubuntu

First install the Apache web server by issuing the following command. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install apache2 [/codesyntax] Install the latest version of PhP  by issuing the following command.  The latest version of PhP will be installed. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install php [/codesyntax] Install mod for PhP by issuing the following command. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] […]

BCS WaterFox Browser of Choice

FireFox has exhausted my patience. The discontinuance of tools that makes my programming job easier, their willingness to install plugins without permission, selling my information as well as unbridled advertising has made me switch to WaterFox web browser. The WaterFox web site home page is available by clicking here. To learn more about WaterFox by […]

BCS Install Unreal Engine 4 on Linux Mint

This article explains an installation process for the Unreal Engine after the source code is downloaded to its target location. The first script to execute is As the name implies this script will check dependencies and install the application. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] ./ [/codesyntax] The second script to execute is the As its name […]