BCS Ubuntu Internet Server

There are those times when you are required to produce an active internet server to support delivery of web content and relational database management systems services.  My first choice is the Ubuntu headless server.  This server allows enough flexibility to support Apache, Java, Grails, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Yii, Action Message Format (AMF) Flash Builder […]

BCS Install Eclipse Mars SDK

There are those times when you would like to install the Eclipse Software Development Kit (SDK) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The Eclipse SDK project’s code name is Mars. I have chosen Mars because it supports all Domain Specific Languages (DSL), PHP and practically all the mobile interfaces in a single IDE. The MVC approach is […]

BCS Eclipse Mars IDE

Well folks Eclipse has done it again. The newest release Mars is available. I have used Mars for the first three milestones and I could not be more pleased. I initially downloaded the Eclipse Mars M3 Packages beginning with the IDE for Java EE Developers. The initial install can be located at the link below. […]

BCS Eclipse Luna SDK 4.4

The new Eclipse SDK Luna became available earlier last month and of course I procured a 64 bit copy and began tailoring it for production use. Python 3.x is enabled flawlessly for utilization of all Python applications. Groovy and Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.4.0, Grails 2.3.6, Groovy 2.1.9, JVM 1.7.0_11 mixed mode, jquery 1.11.0, groovy […]

BCS Create New Project Grails, Rails & Yii

There are some interesting developments in software engineering. This tool offers a GUI for developing projects for the Grails, Rails and Yii frameworks. Basically this GUI provides communications to establish a target path then invoke the Grails, Rails or Yii project generation feature that includes all associated underpinnings for the three development frameworks. This is […]