BCS Eclipse Mars IDE

Well folks Eclipse has done it again. The newest release Mars is available. I have used Mars for the first three milestones and I could not be more pleased. I initially downloaded the Eclipse Mars M3 Packages beginning with the IDE for Java EE Developers. The initial install can be located at the link below. […]

BCS Java Expertise

At minimum the Spring Framework, a development platform that uses interface-driven development, dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming and a number of helper APIs and services, significantly reduces the complexity of your Enterprise Java code should be employed. Many application features may be added using this technology. Grails is the preferred method of application development. Grails also […]

BCS STS Grails Authentication

Invoke the SpringSource Tool Suite and make sure the Grails perspective is active.  Create a new grails project and name it BCSBookStore. Invoke the Grails command prompt and issue the following command install-plugin spring-security-core This action installed the spring security core. Now we are ready to invoke the quick start by issuing the following command […]

BCS STS Grails And Flash Builder

The Flash Builder plugin is fully functional with the 32 bit version of SpringSource Tool Suite. Basically this combination harnesses the power of Grails for Flex Builder code generation.  Spring security is available for all generated applications.  The Flex Scaffolding plugin capability is also available for all generated applications. This combination provides the technician with […]