Dual Boot Windows And Linux

In order to sucessfully dual boot install Windows X using the entire disk.  Be sure and reboot after installation to ensure proper boot sequence. Reboot using the Linux Distribution ISO.  After booting proceed to install the distribution. Follow the prompts and when the installer asks for the target location select the manual option.  Here you […]

Automation for Linux

A major consideration when using a Linux distribution is the lack of a GUI for many of the system administration tasks.  Programmers are pretty much relegated to the command line without some fairly sophisticated tools. A c++ program issues sudo command to execute shell commands while routing the output to a text file and subsequently […]

Kubuntu 20.10 Build

Install Kubuntu 20.04 using the USB Installation medium. Apply any updates via Discovery. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install update-manager [/codesyntax] Install the GTK development environment. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev [/codesyntax] Install Konqueror web browser> [codesyntax lang=”bash”] sudo apt-get install konqueror [/codesyntax] Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

CMake GUI and CodeBlocks Project Generation

To generate the CodeBlocks project from any CMake project. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] cmake -G”CodeBlocks – Unix Makefiles” [/codesyntax] A top-level folder is created relative to the subdirectory containing the CMakeFileLists.txt. I start CMake-Gui and add the following parameters to enable debugging symbols in the executable. [codesyntax lang=”bash”] CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug [/codesyntax] Then in CMake-GUI add the following […]

BCS Windows vs Linux

Why would you pay for an operating system software when free operating system software is readily available that provides identical functionality? Due to its poor design windows offers numerous entry points for loading and executing viruses and other malicious software. To install software in Linux the super user mode (sudo) must be entered. Software cannot […]