Dual Boot Windows And Linux

In order to sucessfully dual boot install Windows X using the entire disk.  Be sure and reboot after installation to ensure proper boot sequence. Reboot using the Linux Distribution ISO.  After booting proceed to install the distribution. Follow the prompts and when the installer asks for the target location select the manual option.  Here you […]

BCS Windows vs Linux

Why would you pay for an operating system software when free operating system software is readily available that provides identical functionality? Due to its poor design windows offers numerous entry points for loading and executing viruses and other malicious software. To install software in Linux the super user mode (sudo) must be entered. Software cannot […]

BCS How To Launch A Java Archive (No Bat File)

To enable the launching of a java archive (jar) file traverse to the executable java archive’s location using windows explorer.  Right click on the jar file then select the Send To Desktop option. Once the shortcut is created rename it to a name of your liking.  At this point you may also change its icon […]

BCS Get Hard Disk Contents

There are those time when the contents of a certain sub directory’s components can be made available. This application allow the end user to retrieve the contents of a specified sub directory.  The results are stored in four string list.  The first two string list contains the file specifications for the directories and files.  The remaining […]

BCS Delphi XE8 Windows Explorer Launcher

There are those time when the Windows Explorer is required and for those time this application lets you select the initial directory and then launches Windows Explorer in the selected directory. Initiate the process by clicking on the Windows Explorer Execute menu item.  The next dialog you will see will prompt you for an initial sub directory. […]