HUB Network Performance

Below is the latest Hub performance screen cast for 22 Feb 2019 at approximately 10:00 hours (10 am).

Yesterday I overheard Mr. Bunch tell Ms. Button the network performance was over 800 MB and that is true. The problem is not with Mediacom but the problem is with a improperly configured router in the Hub. When there are 12 users on the system the performance goes as slow as possible while remaining connected. When more users log on they are typically forced from the system because router configured for 2 GHz is saturated and cannot handle the overload. Both the Mediacom tech and I agree the problem may be alleviated if the router is configured at 5 GHz. We attempted to configure the router but Mr. Bunch has changed the password and we were unable to gain access to the router configuration.

Approximately two days have passed and Mr. Bunch had not successfully configured the router for 5 GHz. The screen cast below reflect the continued poor network performance in the Hub due to improperly configured router.

Hub Network Performance 02 22 2019

The network in the hub performs at a minimal level most of the time. To run a download test and say the throughput is high over 800 MB means exactly zero when most Hub users are not performing downloads. The majority of the Hub users are using the http protocol (connected to the web). The video below accurately describes the throughput for today at about 13:19 hours. We almost never reach one megabyte of throughput let alone a gigabyte of throughput. Please fix the network in the HUB. Please have Mediacom verify performance in the hub. 1 GB hub network speed is totally false.

Hub Network Performance 2 19 2019

Here is a session capture from March 27, 2019 and the problem is still not fixed.

Hub Network Performance 3 27 2019

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.